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Home Cover From Solitaire

Take the worry & uncertainty out of keeping your home safe and warm.

Our team of expert engineers will be available 24/7 to give you total peace of mind. We’re a family run business and we get to know our customers. We pride ourselves on our reputation for quality workmanship with a very high first time fix rate. We never leave anyone waiting for longer than necessary without heating and hot water because we truly care.

Take a look at our range of options, we’re sure there’ll be one to suit you.

We’re happy to discuss options and find a suitable plan for you

What’s included in your plan

Here we outline the key items that are included in your plan as well as important payment information. 

Once you have purchased your plan, we will send you a welcome letter confirming when your plan starts. You can see which type of contract you have on your welcome letter. You must be the owner of the home.

Repairs to a single natural gas boiler in your home. 

Repairs to the flue including the flue terminal, up to three metres in length. We will arrange a replacement of the existing flue, including the flue terminal if we are unable to repair it. 

Repairs to the controls that make the boiler work, including the programmer, any thermostats, motorised zone valves and central heating pump. We will arrange replacement controls if we are unable to repair it. 

Repair or replacement of standard radiators. If the old radiator is imperial, there may be a discrepancy in size due to all new radiators being metric. An extension piece will be used to make up the difference in size

Radiator valves
Repair or replacement of radiator valves and thermostatic radiator valves (TRV). We cannot guarantee an exact match to the old TRV or valve and does not include ‘designer valves’

Repairing and unblocking internal drains to restore flow, including toilets. Unblocking external drains to restore flow as long as it is within the boundary of your property to your home. 

Home Electrics 
Repairs to the mains electrical system and wiring in your home including: 

• The fuse box, light fittings, switches, sockets, isolation switches and your immersion heater timer switch 

• Extractor fans up to 15cm in diameter 

• Doorbells and smoke alarms that are connected to the main wiring 

• Outside lighting as long as it’s fixed to your home or outbuildings and fitted less than three metres above ground

24/7 Emergency call out service
An emergency call under the maintenance agreement is considered out of hours due to no heating or water or you are unable to stop water causing a leak within the confines of the building only.  Please note:  we do not guarantee that the fault can be repaired at the time of the visit as parts maybe required/ordered.  Our engineer will confirm safety and/or isolate a supply to reduce damage.  We are not responsible for damage caused by your reported leak and/or damage to your boiler/heating system. 

Gas Supply Pipe 
Repairs to the gas supply pipe – the pipe that connects your gas meter to your gas appliances. We will arrange a replacement gas supply pipe if we are unable to repair it. 

Wider Central Heating – Repairs to: 
• Expansion tank, radiators, bypass and radiator valves 

• Hot water cylinders and any immersion heater and its wired in timer switch 

• The pipes that connect the central heating system, for example, the pipes that connect to your radiators or cylinders We will arrange a replacement of any parts of the system if we are unable to repair it.

Repairs to the plumbing system in your home including: 

• Your hot and cold-water pipes between your internal stopcock up to but not including your taps, garden taps or the flexible pipes to your kitchen appliances 

• Cold water tanks, toilet siphons, isolation, ball, and radiator valves 

• Your water supply pipe from the boundary of your property to your home 

We will arrange a replacement of the plumbing parts if we are unable to repair it.

We’re happy to discuss options and find a suitable plan for you

What is not included

Here are the things that are not included in this product.
There are also some general exclusions in the ‘What we are not able to protect’ section below.

Please remember: This is a maintenance contract. Any repairs or replacements required outside of the annual service, that are not related to the work that we carried out at the annual service, may be subject to a separate charge and are carried out at our absolute sole discretion. This is not a contract of insurance or a guarantee.